Industrial park market in Vietnam in 12 months of 2022

Apr 24, 2023
In the process of national industrialization and modernization, investment in construction of industrial parks and industrial clusters is considered a key move. According to data from the Vietnam Industrial Park Forum in 2022, more than 11,000 projects in industrial parks have received FDI with a total amount of up to USD 230 billion. At the same time, the number of industrial parks in Vietnam satisfying international standards is increasing with a fairly even distribution.

Development of industrial parks in Vietnam in 12 months of 2022 

If in the first months of 2022, we had to focus on responding and overcoming difficulties from the pandemic, the second half of 2022 was the time to improve and recover the economy.
According to a report from the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam, the industrial production index increased by 9% over the same period last year, achieving the KPI growth in the industry (according to the original plan, it is expected to increase from 8.5% - 9%). and exceeding the target in the growth scenario of Resolution 01. In addition, the industrial structure of industrial parks in Vietnam has had many positive changes, developing in accordance with the orientation of industry restructuring of the government.
The processing and manufacturing continue to lead the growth in the industry. The index increased to 9.5% over the same period last year, contributing more than 86% to the total export turnover of the country. This contributes to strong development of the industry and significantly increases the number of industrial parks in the industry, creating more jobs for the society and raising the competitiveness of Vietnam’s industry. In general, in 2022, there are 61 localities with a sharp increase in IPP (Industrial Production) index over the same period, enabling the economy to gradually improve and recover.
At the Industrial Forum 2022, Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment Tran Quoc Phuong said that our country currently had a total of 403 industrial parks, attracting both domestic and FDI (foreign direct investment) capital. In which, there are 10,000 projects with domestic investment capital, 11,000 projects receiving FDI capital with a total capital of up to 230 billion. These signs prove that Vietnam is very ready to become a new “base”, a new destination in the international arena in the manufacturing industry.
However, in order to meet the strict international “factory” standards, industrial parks in Vietnam still face many great challenges. The most typical is the construction and quality improvement in industrial parks. So, what is an international standard industrial park?

Standard elements of industrial parks in Vietnam

Along with strong development of industrial parks, the investors have more options for their business. This is considered a strong driving force, promoting industrial parks to continuously innovate and improve in order to satisfy all the needs of investors. Currently, businesses also prioritize choosing industrial parks in Vietnam with high quality and standards in order to exploit the advantages and utilities of industrial parks to optimize production efficiency.
An industrial park is considered to satisfy standard when it fully meets the following criteria:
The infrastructure complies with the provisions of law, aiming to protect the environment and the interests of the workers. To meet this criterion, industrial parks need to put in place a production & environmental management system in accordance with ISO standards.
Infrastructure must be fully equipped with basic materials and equipment such as electricity, water, fire protection and security systems, information transmission network, etc.
90% of enterprises in industrial parks in Vietnam must be aware of resource consumption and clean production. Also, at least 20% of enterprises must commit and apply this in production. This is a key factor to help reduce the amount of industrial waste discharged into the environment.
Industrial parks need to have at least 25% of the land area reserved for green areas. It can be green parks, traffic flows, public service infrastructure etc. All these areas must be built in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Construction.
At least 10% of enterprises in the industrial park plan to participate in industrial symbiosis programs in the industry.
There are solutions to the problem of accommodation, cultural and sports activities for workers in the industrial park.
Industrial parks in Vietnam that meet the standards need to build a close and practical mechanism for monitoring, managing and protecting the environment.
There is a public announcement on the environmental protection situation in the industrial park to all enterprises.

WHA Group is developing and managing industrial park in Vietnam that meets the required standards

In Thailand, WHA Group is one of the leading corporations in the field of logistics and provides modern and convenient industrial solutions. During many years of establishment and development, WHA Group is growing significantly and gradually expanding its business to areas with strong industrial development potential including Vietnam. The most outstanding advantage of WHA - an industrial park in Vietnam that meets standards lies in its core competitiveness as follows:
Provide a system of high-class facilities, meeting international standards.
The industrial park is located in strategic areas, acting as a part of the traffic arteries.
Provide the customers with the most convenient and necessary services related to industrial parks.
An industrial park in Vietnam satisfying international standards - WHA (Source: WHA Industrial Park)
Currently, the industrial park in Vietnam WHA is operating mainly in 4 business segments:
Provision of logistics solutions: Building factories that operate according to the unique needs of each customer. At the same time, WHA’s distribution centers and logistics facilities are already in operation, ready to meet the rental needs of customers at any time.
Industrial development: WHA Industrial Park provides customers with international standard infrastructure, industrial parks and auxiliary systems.
● Technology platform: At the industrial park in Vietnam WHA, you will be provided with comprehensive data management platforms to operate the factory more accurately and efficiently.
Energy and utility: The industrial park in Vietnam WHA is always committed to utility and comprehensiveness for its customers. The energy system and utilities are designed and built according to international standards.

WHA develops its operations with the vision to become a leader in the field of real estate, industrial utilities in Asia. At the same time, it provides customers with useful solutions, meeting international standards and always aiming to build a green industrial park and protect the environment.
Above is an overview of the required criteria of a standard industrial park in Vietnam. At the same time, through this article, you also have a clearer view of WHA - an industrial park in Vietnam that meets international standards. WHA will always make the effort every day to meet the needs of customers, partners, and become the first trusted choice for the community, society, and employees.

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