Life at Nghe An

Life at Nghe An

Just only one-hour flight from Hanoi, Nghe An province is the new destination for investors in the North Central of Vietnam. Currently there are more than 300 expatriates from North America, Europe, Korea, Thailand, China and Taiwan living in Nghe An. There are good choices of accommodation available for expatriates in the center of Vinh city as well as along Cua Lo town, which is just only 20 minutes from to WHA Industrial Zone 1 - Nghe An. To rent a well-equipped two-bedroom apartment in center of Vinh, it will cost around USD 220 per month.

Nghe An offers a reasonably good living cost at good living conditions. For example, a monthly expense of USD 500 can cover comfortably life with accommodation, meals, commuting and others leisure activities. Golf, fishing, sightseeing, swimming and footballing are the popular leisure activities among locals and foreigners. Song Lam Nghe An Football Club has always been the strongest team in Vietnam Champion League for many years. There are two famous beaches with white sand not far from Vinh city. Along the beaches, there are a great choice of restaurants to choose from.

Nghe An local Governments provides strong support for expatriates or investors in the area. Conveniently, investors do not need to travel to Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh as the department of Foreign Affairs of Nghe An Province plays a great role in supporting most of the international affairs.
Tourist attractions

Tourist attractions

Nghe An is the largest province in Vietnam, located in the North Central Coast region and strategically located in the east-west economic corridor connecting to Laos, Thailand and Myanmar along Highway 7 to Cua Lo port. Few years to come, Nghe An is expected to be an important destination for a new manufacturing and export base to the global market. Besides of its strategic business area, Nghe An also has many fascinating tourist attractions with number of 3,577,000 domestic visitors and 92,800 foreign visitors based on the statistics in 2015.
  • Cua Lo beach

    Cua Lo beach

  • Cua Lo golf resort

    Cua Lo golf resort

  • President Ho Chi Minh native homeland

    President Ho Chi Minh native homeland



  • Pu Mat national park

    Pu Mat national park

  • Sao Va waterfall

    Sao Va waterfall

  • Hotel


    When visiting Nghe An, you will find a great variety of accommodation to suit your requirement. Right in the center of Vinh city, there are more than 20 hotels ranging from budget to four star hotels. Not far from the city center, Cua Lo beach, only 18 kilometers away, hosts a number of up to four and five star hotels along the white sandy beach.
  • Medical


    Ther are more than 20 hospitals in Vinh city. Vinh International Hospital is the largest hospital located in the city center. The hospital has more than 1,900 beds with dedicated and skillful staff, supported by modern medical equipment, including 128-slice MSCT scanner. The emergency ambulance service is available 24/7.