Synchronous Infrastructure

  • Power Supply

    Power Supply

    Nghe An is supplied by the national power grid with electricity mainly from Hoa Binh hydro-electricity plant. The province's Hung Dong 220 KV station and AC-300 wire of 471 km supply electricity to seven 110 KV stations. There are numerous operating hydropower plants close by such as Ban Ve, Khe Bo, Hua Na, Ban Coc and Nhan Hac.
  • Water Supply

    Water Supply

    The province has sufficient water supply from the system of rivers, lakes and reservoirs. Vinh water plant (at Cua Nam) produced processed water with the capacity of 20,000 cubic meters per day with water pipeline network at the total length of 60 km. reaching downtown of Vinh city. The expansion is underway to meet the new capacity of 60,000 cubic meters per day.
  • Information and Telecommunication System

    Information and Telecommunication System

    Nghe An's information and telecommunication is well developed to meet the domestic and international communication demand. There are several telephone service provinders, which have increased the network coverage and quanlity. International courier services are also available in conjunction with local service provider.