WHA cooperates With Nghe An Police to support Agricultural Products from Nghi Thuan Commune

Sep 09, 2021
On September 4, WHA Industrial Zone Nghe An JSC coordinated with the Executive Committee of Nghe An Provincial Police Youth Union to purchase vegetables grown by farmers from Nghi Thuan commune, Nghi Loc district and distribute to the needed entities.

Nearly 2 tons of collard greens and turnip greens were purchased directly from the growers and delivered to the kitchens of Nghe An Provincial Police and other independent units in Vinh city such as the Nghe An Provincial Police Training and Fostering Center, Flying Squad Department, Fire & Rescue Police Department, Traffic Police Department, Internal Security Department, etc.

WHA is proud to support humanitarian actions, especially during these difficult times due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus in Nghe An province. Its aim was to provide income for farmers while bringing green vegetables and other fresh produce to staff in different police units for good health.