“WHAIZ - Nghe An Investor Club” Planned to launch for value Investors

Recently, a 'Morning Coffee Meeting' was organized at the WHA Nghe An office for WHAIZ – Nghe An investors. Ms. Anchalee Prasertchand, Vice President - International Customer Development and representative of WHA Industrial Development PLC, introduced the plan to establish the 'WHAIZ - Nghe An Investor Club.' This initiative aims to create a platform for investors to gather, exchange knowledge, share operational practices, and stay informed about new laws and regulations. The club is expected to cultivate a sense of community among WHA investors.

With unanimous approval from all attendees, the launch of the 'WHAIZ – Nghe An Investor Club' is imminent. Quarterly meetings are planned, with the first inaugural session taking place in June. Distinguished guests, skilled at addressing investor queries during both construction and operational phases, will be in attendance.

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